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10 Must haves in your wardrobe: 

Here's the list of "must have" in your wardrobe or at least those that I think every girl/woman should have:

1.Trench coat:

H&M trench coat.jpg

2.Classic black blazer:

H&M Classic black blazer.jpg

3. Leather jacket:

Jaeger Leather Biker Jacket.jpg

4. Classic shirt:

H&M shirt.jpg
5. Everyday simple top:

6. A pear of blue jeans:

Classic blue jeans.jpg

7. Classic elegant trousers:

H&M trousers.jpg

8. Everyday dress:

AX Paris Aubergine Two In One Pleat Dress.jpg

9. Simple classic 10 to 12 mm. high heels:

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 patent-leather pumps.jpg

10. Everyday flats:

Color mix-up scheme:

You can search for inspiration for your outfits everywhere!!! That's why I pick some photos from to show you how the things you see every day can give you some beautiful ideas! Personally I have, the way I call it - "The 4 colors scheme". In my way of dressing I like to lead on 1 or 2 basic colors and combine it (them) with 3 (2) other colors - more eye catching colors. The schemes below show exact the same but whit 2 basic colors and 4 other.



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