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Friday, March 21, 2014

The bride-to-be 911 perfect wedding list

The bride-to-be 911 list! 

Hi, again my perfect bride-to-be. You wake up and it's the day after you just got engage and... here goes the the scariest question: "What I'm going to do now ???"  Don't panic, just don't panic there always is a solution to every problem just breathe deeply :)  OK so let's start from scratch. It's the day after the proposal, you just did wake up and you are sooooooooo happy about it, you can't wait to call to all of your friends to tell them the good news, so what are you waiting for, stop reading this pick up the phone and do it :)  and THEN come back to see what I have prepared for you...
Is it done ?  Did you call all the people you now to tell them the good news ?
OK then, so now make yourself a cop of good coffee or tea, grab note book (one cute and funny note book, because you will look at it a lot)  and a pen and let's getting started!

First of all I have to say that you gonna need not 1 but 2 different lists. The first one is for you and the second one is for the man you love the most. You can ask why and I will tell you that it's his wedding too so... he should participate at all this as much as you! :)

Bride's list:                                                                                  Groom's list:
  1. The dress                                                                                    1. The suit
  2. The shoes                                                                                    2. The shoes
  3. The jewelries                                                                             3. The watch
  4. Who is going to be your made of honor                        4. Who is going to be the best man 
All the rest is absolutely the same for both of you:

5.   Where is going to be the wedding
6.   What is going to be "the type" of the wedding
7.   Who are you going to invite
8.   The photographer
9.   The music - band or DJ ?
10.   What time of the day is going to be the wedding
11.   What kind of wedding invitation you want
12.   Where is going to be the honeymoon 
13.   Big wedding or small one ?  ( not in vain left this question particularly in the number 13 because it the most difficult one, well this and  " Who are you going to invite ? "  which is almost the same )
OK let's go next and the next is: 
14. The bridesmaids and groomsmen
15.  The wedding rings 
And I'm going to stop here. Of course there is many many more but for now I think that this is good start with all the most necessary things you should do. Well this was my 911 bride-to-be list hope that you find it helpful. That all from me for now and if you got any questions or want to say something about this article just write it down I'll be happy to here what you think! :)  
Sincerely yours The Wedding Skeptic! :)

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