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Friday, March 21, 2014

Perfect wedding destroyers

Hi, again it's still me The Wedding Skeptic. So, do you want a perfect wedding ??? What is happening to me of course you want a perfect wedding! Well because I'm definitely sure that you want I'm going to tell you about some of the mistakes that you must not do before you special day ( and I have to say that this relates for both the bride and groom ). Here we go! These are 5 thing that you should never ever do before the big day:
  1. Don't make experiments with your hair days before the wedding   
  2. Don't change your cosmetic with something non-trusted
  3. Don't use new body bronzer ever 
  4. Don't order an amazing wedding cake by catalog without even trying it
  5. Don't ever order your wedding dress or the suit (for the groom) from a site if you aren't 100 % sure that it's going to be your size!
Well I hope that this could help you and that you will have the wedding of you dreams, but to be shore that you will I'm going to say it one more time ladies/ guys pleeeeeeeeeease don't make those 5 mistakes before your wedding. Bye bye. See you soon and don't forget to leave a comment I want to now your opinion. 

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